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Practitioner Markets 

The practitioner market for this book includes five groups: 

  1. Sophisticated practitioners of marketing research working for larger research organizations that have the resources to lead change.
  2. Practitioners in smaller, forward thinking marketing research companies wanting to ride the wave of change and seeking fresh ideas for new products.
  3. Research practitioners in sophisticated companies. Note: this is not a size designation. Some very large organizations do not use research well or often and some smaller firms excel in research application.
  4. Sophisticated users of marketing research, e.g., marketing directors, advertising directors, brand managers, etc. (The same caveat about size applies.)
  5. Libraries with significant business collections. 

Academic Markets 

  1.  Academic markets might include those, who teach marketing research at the undergraduate and graduate level.
  2. As well as those, who might like to use new research approaches in their own academic or consulting efforts.
  3. And graduate and undergraduate students of marketing research. 

In Sum

If you're involved in marketing, advertising, brand management or marketing research, you won't want to be without this exciting new book.